WatchFest 2020 is on!

WatchFest is back and will be great on various levels. We continue to celebrate watches in Australia. We support the watch collecting community with some respite from the challenging times of 2020. 

Join us for our sessions with the brands and special guests. There will be some great prizes. Whether you are new to watches or a seasoned enthusiast, you are welcome to join and immerse yourself in the world of horology.


We have Zoom sessions on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of October.
There will be physical get togethers on the 17th of October.


It’s a big program this year. Please see the outline below:


OMEGA. If you want to meet Gregory Kissling and ask about Snoopy, now is your chance! He is responsible for many of OMEGA’s watch designs and creations. Truly an honour to meet him.


Oris will return with this year’s new big release! Oris Club is a go.


Enjoy a whisky with SEVENFRIDAY and it’s CEO.

Bell & Ross

A mystery Plate of Origin chef with Bell&Ross!


We meet a guest adventurer with Bremont.


Bausele watch releases and a very special limited WatchFest edition!


The Longines experience. They will have something in store for us.

Grand Seiko

Celebrate Grand Seiko’s big 2020 with a competition and prize! And really, the possibility for a group to catch up in Japan starts here.

Aussie Guests Night

Special guests night of Aussies: Hacko, Glynatsis, Choi, Choy, Hoppe, Cuche, Hooper, and Julian Farren-Price! A special evening with everyone here!

Watch Trail

On the 17th of October, WatchFest will be doing a watch trail. Live get togethers will occur in states without lockdowns. If we adhere to Covid19 safe practices and restrictions we can further help local businesses.

WatchFest 2 Nato Strap

And finally, get this year’s WatchFest nato strap.

As such we have a great online line up with something in store for everyone. Please support us throughout each night for many sessions as you can; you will be very pleased.

I have heard after sharing the program a few people have said they will use their TV sets for the Zoom sessions. Please do this! Get the family involved there should be something for everyone.

There’ll be watches.
There’ll be stories.
There’ll be Australian stories.

I never take it for granted how well we are doing in Australia. Please spread the word! We need the support. It is what you make of it but I do hope Australia can join together again through our passion! Stay in touch. More details will be posted on all channels as they come.

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